Our history

Indian snacks with a twist

From jungle cricket and swimming with crocodiles to running two London shops, a factory and catering for over 4,800 people at Alexandra Palace – JB Foods has come a long way since the 1950s.

Back then, our founder Mr JB was a boy, frolicking in the Nile near Jinja, Uganda. Today, he works with our team to create Indian sweets and snacks with an African twist for communities across London.

There’s traditional vegetarian fare for the Gujaratis of the east and west, fiery snacks for the trendies of Shoreditch, Peckham and Brixton, and Indian sweets for everyone in between.

But it hasn’t been an easy journey.

We’ve moved countries. We’ve survived recessions. We’ve put money into extra shops and factories, and time and people into catering events bigger than we could ever have imagined. (Mr JB even gave up his beloved cricket to help make JB Foods the provider of delicious food it is today.)


Because we love food. Creating it, experimenting with it, sharing it and eating it.

During those early days in Uganda, Mr JB was irrigating the largest sugar factory in east Africa. In London in the 1970s, he was working in a supermarket, then running his own corner shop. He was learning the science and the business.

Today, over 30 years since JB Foods started catering for events in England, we use everything Mr JB and his family have learnt to bring Indian sweets and snacks to London.

No more cricket. No more crocodiles. Just good, tasty, eye-catching traditional Indian food with an African twist.