This selection of chutneys is a great accompaniment to any of our savoury snacks. Made with the best ingredients we try and create a range of interesting flavours that will work across a variety of our products.

There are mild chutneys that work great with cheeses or why not try some of our extra spicy ones if you’re up for the challenge!

They also work brilliantly with loads of other foods. Try experimenting and see what happens.

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  • Pani Puri Pani sauce is a blend of tamarind, dates and exotic spices for a powerful taste sensation. Pour it over some of our Pani Puri for the perfect example of Indian street food.
    Quite why so many choose to drink it straight out of the bottle though still baffles Mr JB!

    Serving Suggestion

    Serve with Pani Puri accompanied with chopped onions, chick peas and our Sev as a topping.

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